09.06.2011 M.O.R.A.& Louis Allegre@Route 66


Ceturdien (09.06.11) bārā “Route 66” uzstāsies somu hardcore/punk apvienība M.O.R.A.

Ātra un dusmīga. Tā varētu raksturot viņu mūziku. Grupa ir veidojusies no vairāku somu apvienību kausējuma, kas arī parādās mūzikas skanējumā. Bet kopēji notur sevi “klasiskā” hc/punk žanra stilistikā un attieksmē. Starp citu, ja tam ir kāda nozīme, tad grupas kodolu (tajā skaitā vokālo) sastāda meitenes.

Līdzās ar somu grupu, skatuvi dalīs arī pašmāju Louis Allegre. Kas joprojām strādā pie sava debijas albuma.

Ieeja bez maksas. Sākums 21:00

7 June 09, 2011

MY AUTUMN in Riga!


Hell yeah!!!
We are really happy to announce exclusive show for Russian deathcore/metal band MY AUTUMN! They are going to tour Europe this time and decided to make a stop here in Riga. Check out the whole tour route here:
The guys will rock 13th of April at NABAKLAB. Local heroes SAKHTA and ONCE WERE EMPIRE will warm up the show.
So come out and support those boys in any way you can! See you out there!

14 April 04, 2011



Hey friends!
Here we go after some break and we are happy to announce the show for few local bands at NABAKLAB 25th of March. After some changes in lineup Louis Allegre are back with new drummer and for the first time we are working with band such as Faithful In Misfortune so come and support those boys. Our friends from In The Box and Zoltan are going to hit the stage that night too.
There will be afterparty at the same place so let's have few beers together! It will be late night show as doors are only from 22pm.
See you there!!

11 March 02, 2011

CIRCLE PIT! Shows @ Zvera Fest 2011!


Hey friends! We are taking part at this years Zvera Fest 29th-30th of july! http://www.zverafest.lv
Totally 40 bands will share two stages and we mostly book bands for small stage for both dates. We are really excited about that!
At the moment we confirmed:
Your Demise (GBR),
No Turning Back (HOL),
No Guts No Glory (FRA),
Tackleberry (GER),
All Or Nothing (GBR),
No Omega (SWE),
Endbringer (GER),
Burnstill (EST),
Final Prayer (GER),
Hierophant (ITA),
Reason To Care (GER),
In Twilight's Embrace (POL),
Talbot (EST),
Tesa (LAT),

12 February 02, 2011

Photos from The Arteries and ASTPAI gig on 25th of January


Here you go, some photos from concert. Thanks to Aivars Ivbulis.

10 January 28, 2011

The Arteries, ASTPAI date moved to 25th of January!


CPS informs that there is a change in the The Arteries, ASTPAI gig in Riga.
Because of the snow in Russia, bands will arrive tomorrow, 25th of January.

Start: 21:00
Entrance: Ls 2,-

See you tomorrow!

7 January 24, 2011

The Arteries, ASTPAI 24.01.2011 @ Dirty Deal


CIRCLE PIT! Shows proudly presents

24.01.2011. @ DIRTY DEAL CAFE!!!



11 December 02, 2010

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9 November 16, 2010

See you next year/Tiekamies nākamgad


Year will be over already and we don't plan booking any shows this year. See you next year!

Gads jau būs cauri un mēs neplānojam koncertus vēl šogad. Nākamais gads nāks ar pārsteigumiem. Tiekamies jau jaunajā gadā!

4 November 16, 2010

News news news


Welcome to CIRCLE PIT! Shows page. This will be our place to inform you about the shows and stuff. Thanks to everyone who has helping us to make it possible.

Site is fully functional, but still we plan some minor visual upgrades and some extra features.

So, keep in touch!

CIRCLE PIT! Shows crew.

8 November 16, 2010