CONVERGE and ROTTEN SOUND @ Melnā Piektdiena 18.06.13.


Metal and hardcore music scene’s most established and innovative band – Converge – on their European tour will be coming to Riga, performing at club ‘Melnā Piektdiena’ on June 18. The American band, founded in 1990, plays a blend of metal and hardcore with elements from metalcore and mathcore and they’re considered one of the most original bands to emerge from the punk underground.
The latest album ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’, that was released on 08/10/12, is their most integral album that's celebrated by countless fans of punk, metal and hardcore. For the first time in years, ‘All We Love We Leave Behind‘ is an album that contains no special guests or outside collaborators, so every aspect of the music production and aesthetics of the album was handled by Converge in order to give listeners an unfiltered glimpse into the creative vision of these Boston-based innovators.
"There are no artificial effects on this album, it's all organic, it’s real sounds that capture the way the band performs live," explains Converge’s guitarist Kurt Ballou. Converge has been credited with giving rise to a genre and influencing countless bands all over the world as they have always been the type of band that never fit into one subculture, creating a sound that is entirely their own. The group's musical style consists of complex guitar work and polyrhythmic drumming, as well as frequent use of unorthodox time signatures.
Since their landmark album ‘Jane Doe’ in 2001, they haven't had any member changes and maintain the unwavering individualism and uncompromising artistic vision they had when they formed over 23 years ago. When asked how Converge have managed to develop their own personality, Ballou explains that that’s because it's been the same four people for a long time and that they don’t listen to much music outside of what they have recorded so they are more influenced by themselves than what's currently happening in the scene.

Opening for Converge will be the Finnish grindcore act Rotten Sound that celebrates their 20th anniversary this year. To note this important fact they released an EP ‘Species at War’ in January and their plans for 2013 involve bringing chaos and wrecking with many tours and festivals all over the globe. The apocalyptic battlefield sounding band Rotten Sound have shared stages with bands like Carcass, Exhumed, Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death and many more established acts from music’s heaviest side.

Doors open at 19:00, show starts at 20:00

1377 June 05, 2013